Going clubbing

2010-07-15 23:20:15 by Proottalfain

So tomorrow night I'm going to go clubbing at Club Entourage. Their dress code says I most be in "proper attire", but in their photos we can see a bunch of men in t-shirts and jeans.

So should I go there in a dress shirt or in a t-shirt, considering I prefer t-shirts and I only have one dress shirt, which is a tad too large for me?

Picture taken from their website.

[Edit 18-07-2010]
So actually we went to "Au Diable Vert". Music was bad (ie music that plays on the radio), it cost 7 bucks to enter, drinks were expansive, beer wasn't tasty and the girls were snobby cockteases. So yeah 2 friends and I just goofed on the dance floor to try to salvage some fun out of the night.

No more "Au Diable Vert" for me, nor for my 2 friends that were there.

Going clubbing


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2010-07-15 23:37:44


Proottalfain responds:

It is quite an enjoyable clothe, but you can't go outside just wearing that.


2010-07-16 12:00:56

Don't forget your golf clubs! You know, just in case one of those ladies gets too rowdy.

Proottalfain responds:



2010-07-17 11:52:49

I tried picturing a French club. It was hilarious and homosexual.


2010-07-21 02:38:52

son you need to git dem tittays

Proottalfain responds:

Yes, along with the rest of the body, obviously.