Join my new church

2010-10-10 13:00:21 by Proottalfain

It's pretty much like Christianity, in that everyday at noon we'll make a ton of noise throughout the neighbourhood (e.g. church bells).

Except that our church will just be a building with a roof terrace with huge rain-proof speakers and instead of ringing bells we'll play dubstep.

Then when religionfags complain, we'll just tell them we're a new religion and thus have the same rights Christian churches have, IE making noise. /348842

Oh and in case you wanted to kill Jews and Muslims, well Jew-killing is outlawed since like 65 years so we'll just invade Iraqisthan or something and kill Muslims.


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2010-10-10 13:04:48

can we also have hip hop and rave sessions inside it will be a private area so we can be sued for sampling copyright music and we'll charge people to get in and party and it'll all be our religion?

Proottalfain responds:

As long as we go advertise it near High Schools then it's all fine to me.


2010-10-16 08:31:03

I dunno. Can Robocop be our Jesus or something?

Proottalfain responds:

I guess that works.


2010-10-27 19:00:04

Best idea ever


2010-11-05 02:08:36

I wish I could say that was the stupidest thing I ever heard... but it turns out it's awesome.

Also... that song is amazing in that it seems to use only one rift through the entire thing yet it still stays fresh and interesting.