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Some IRC channel

2009-08-17 20:09:13 by Proottalfain

So yeah this is a trial, if you want to chat with me and some other dudes you can always join

I might change the title at some point.

Get Chatzilla for a nice irc client. It's a firefox addon.

Else you can always get pidgin, trillian or just go to mibbit.

Some IRC channel

It got into the collection page :D lockday2009

RIP RKthrilla

2009-08-01 22:55:40 by Proottalfain

Our hero, our savior, our idol, our sexy Rachel Kelly is gone to a better world: IRL.

Lets wish him/her success in his afterlife.

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Complaint center

2009-07-21 21:21:29 by Proottalfain


Did you feel offended, insulted or disrespected by Proottalfain's behavior or something he said? Feel free to write a complaint explaining what made you feel this way, and we will do our best to solve the problem.

Your opinion and well-being is important for us.

Complaint center

Be in our credits

2009-07-11 01:15:39 by Proottalfain

So flashwarrior and I will submit a flash for clock day. It will probably be crappy, creepy and umm, I can't find another word ending with -py. It will also make nearly no sense.

So to add to the nonsense, we'll add useless credits!!! And when I say useless, it means that you don't have to necessarily contribute to our collab.

FetusFulp gave us the idea and we think it's awesome!

So suggest what you want to be credited for, the best ones get chosen, the bad ones will be frowned upon.

We aren't settled about how many we'll take, so we're starting with 15.

1. NeverHundred, Director of Propaganda
2. Stickman91, Plant Sniffer
3. Sinitech, Cock Mongler
4. igott, Drug Dealer
5. Shakyjake, Turd Scratcher
6. Elios, Moose choreographer
7. kiwi-kiwi wasted our time
8. TheSilverGuitar, Fascist Pig
9. Piss, emotional and financial support
10. knightsofthecircle, wife beater
11. KalebKore, Stand-by Jew
12. Sensationalism, Penicorn Rider
13. Maximus, Curb Stomper
14. SeaBoundRhino, provider of sexual relief
15. masterchef56, Cooker of raw poultry
16. Errr no I said 15... scratch this one.

Wow one spot remaining.

Marinated artichokes

2009-07-06 23:55:27 by Proottalfain

You must eat some.

1. Did you ever eat marinated artichokes?

2. Do you intend on eating some soon?

Marinated artichokes

New news post

2009-07-05 17:15:16 by Proottalfain

Since the last one contained a broken link, this is a new one.

It's about the space stage in the video game Spore.


2009-06-28 22:10:54 by Proottalfain



^This link is now broken^

Your beliefs

2009-06-22 15:18:56 by Proottalfain

Write what your beliefs are. I'll start:

you must go see this page.

PS: It is NOT goatse.