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2009-06-11 16:57:18 by Proottalfain


New news post Nouvel article

2009-06-02 17:20:01 by Proottalfain

Tell me what to do with it.

Dites moi quoi faire avec.

Death to the circumcised.

Mort aux circoncis.

And I have nothing planned for tomorrow.
And I'm not even tired.

This is not a good thing.

I won the game

2009-05-29 22:58:54 by Proottalfain

TehSlapHappy showed us how to win the game.

I followed the walkthrough, and won the game.

Well the link is broken now.

New blog post

2009-05-25 15:00:51 by Proottalfain

Because the other one was getting old.

Speaking of old, you should go check this old blog post:

I bet you were expecting something after that colon.

The rules of music

2009-05-14 21:53:20 by Proottalfain

Here I will write the holy rules of music. Submit your owns, but don't submit subjective ones, this is not a debate about genres.

1. Only one language per song, maximum.
2) the only beverages your allowed to drink while playing music is beer.
3. In the event of an epic guitar solo you are to rock out as hard as you can with your air guitar.
Addendum to Rule 3:
You may not attempt to smash your air guitar, because that just looks plain stupid.
4. spinning in circles and flailing ones arms aimless doesn't constitute dancing.
5. In the event that are too inebriated to remember the lyrics, you are to mount the nearest table and remove a layer of clothing for every lyric you miss.
6. only head bang if your hair is long,or else you will look like a ass
7. If someone falls in the pit you help him up immediatly.
8. If you find a hat or a shoe you hold it in the air until it is claimed.
9. Beat boxing is strictly prohibited unless you have an official permit from The Ministry of Rhythm.
10. Don't wear a huge mohawk into a mosh pit.
11. Be the exact opposite of Eddie "Mr.arms" Vedder of Pearl Jam.
12. Shout "I got blisters on me fingers!" after any performance of Helter Skelter

Also, you may contest rules.

quatre mille!!!!!

2009-05-10 16:43:24 by Proottalfain

I have motherfucking four thousand BBS posts!!!!!


So lonely...

2009-05-10 02:14:17 by Proottalfain

If hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way, then I guess hanging on in loud desperation is the French way.

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My profile description

2009-05-05 17:16:09 by Proottalfain

Read it.