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Be proud

2009-05-03 21:04:08 by Proottalfain

We're all humans. We have difficulties, obstacles to face. Many times do we fall, face first in tiny sharp rocks. You can't make sure everything goes well, you can't see every trip wire.

But when you fall, stand back up. Support the pain. Stand high up, straight, chin up to the sky.

Continue your path, tougher than before. What can't kill you can only make you stronger.

And when you finally find shelter, a friend, a relative, a shoulder to lean your head on, take your armor off. The many dents, scratches and holes made it harder to take off. But you must take it off to repair it, so that you can face the next day, proudly.

To all of you reading this, I say don't give up. There's something better further along the path.

Stand tall.


2009-05-03 15:35:12 by Proottalfain

Admit it guys, you know I look exactly like him.


2009-04-10 21:54:58 by Proottalfain

I wanted to learn German since 2006. Got into it a bit back then, then stopped, but the interest stayed. So now I'm back at seriously learning German. This time I take it personal *determined gaze*. I (surprisingly) remembered the URL of the site I went to three years ago, which is (unfortunately) only for written German. So with the same seriousness and determination, I went to look for another media that would provide me with pronunciation/spoken learning. I found a podcast. So now I'm setting myself the objective of doing one written lesson and listening to one podcast per day, minimum.

I began lessons on, and so far it seems like a good resource, though so far I feel it lacks on the grammar side. I might just abandon the podcasts and go only with livemocha and

Now if German is your native language, here is how you can help:
- Point me toward any resource that could help me to learn German. Could be pretty much any media, but take note that right now my vocabulary is pretty restricted. Here is a link to the vocabulary of the lessons 1 to 9 (As of April 13 I'm at lesson 11).
- Give any sort of advice. Like insider's Hint & Tips.
Now these two things didn't require much implication. If you aren't afraid of commitment, you could always be some sort of a teacher, by giving me spoken and/or written lessons/exercises. This of course would be the most helpful and motivating thing.

I'm keeping this blog post for serious related comments. If you want to encourage me or say random shit just PM me. I approve comments myself so if you're not sure if yours is appropriate post it anyway.

Finished written lesson 21
Finished spoken podcast 4
Finished 44% of livemocha's German 101



2009-04-05 17:07:49 by Proottalfain

Is the new job.

Age/Gender: 21, Male
Location: Tennessee
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: 18, Male
Location: Near Montreal, Canada
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: n/a, Male
Location: Ontairo
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: 21, Male
Location: Dallas, TX
Job: Manrod


Age/Gender: 14, Male
Location: Eastern new York.
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: 21, Male
Location: That Dairy State
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: 16, Male
Location: RKthrilla's World
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: 79, Male
Location: Capital Wasteland
Job: Manrod.

Age/Gender: 14, Female
Location: Old York, Amerishit
Job: Manrod

Age/Gender: 13, Male
Location: Garden State

The Question.

2009-04-04 16:08:59 by Proottalfain

Now guys if you know me a little you probably know I like philosophy. And among all the questions philosophy asks, there is one that indirectly includes all the others. "The kitchen or the egg" is a stupid question. "To be or not to be" is also stupid. "Is there a God" is a good question, though not as deep as the one I'm about to ask you. Of course, as with all philosophical questions, the answer only is not enough. You must explain your reasoning. So here it is:

Rhinoceros or Hippopotamus?

[Edit 04/04/09 9:05PM:]
You can now stalk me by reading a conversation I had with DJ-Divinorum!

...but in fact I am a man

2009-03-22 17:05:31 by Proottalfain

So to contrast with the last blog post, this one will show I'm a man:
-Various physiological/physical/biological reasons that I don't think I have to detail
-I'm rational/logical
-I don't give a fuck about celebrities
-I don't like gossiping
-I haven't seen twilight, but according to the comments I don't want to either
-I'm not very mannered when I eat
-I don't like shopping
-I don't/can't cry when I watch a movie
-I have a political opinion
-I understand and use sarcasm
-I don't think I'm fat
-I'm not easily offended
-And other things

Now I understand this one might offend some girls (see second to last point), so for those of you who are, well please take note that this is entirely based on stereotypes, and my point is not to say all girls (or all guys for the other blog post) are like these stereotypes. In fact my intention with these two blog posts is to show that it's not because I'm a man that I follow all the stereotypes.

Hope this entertained you.

I might be a woman...

2009-03-21 20:45:59 by Proottalfain

And to prove it, I'll give you some convincing facts:
-My hands are cold
-I have long hair
-I brush my hair many times a day (I'd say between 2 and 10 times)
-I don't like cars
-I have emotions
-I don't like professional sports (as in watching sport on TV)
-I don't watch porn (or try not to)
-I like to speak about people behind their back
-I don't have a thick beard (I do have much more facial hair than regular women, but still less than regular guys my age)
-I might come up with more at another time

See the follow-up of this exciting adventure...

My username

2009-03-18 22:41:29 by Proottalfain

So I've commented on your usernames, now comment mine. If you don't know what it means, invent a meaning/story. When I get enough comments I'll tell you the real story behind it. I've already told a few people about it.

Also, have a look at some old news post of mine. It's 2 months old.

[Edit 03/19/09:]
sirtom93 commented on my second news post. I now officially shat my pants. BTW he was talking about my 46x46 pic who used to be the soviet symbol from red alert 2.

Your username

2009-03-13 20:56:08 by Proottalfain

Here I'll respond to say if I approve or disapprove your username. Be prepared because I might not be easy on you.

[Edit 03/16/09:]
sumidiotdude took my idea and apparently attracted more people than me, so you might want to look at his version of the project.

In my PE class, we're allowed to make our own music play. So every class, someone different brings his own music. And today, I was horrified to hear Phil Collins's "In the air tonight" raped by some band.
I don't know which band covered it.
But it was sexual harassment. They butchered and wasted it so much it's unreal.
They totally ruined the climax (part where the drums get intense) by having intense drums and guitars during the entire song.
Plus the singer's voice was trivial.
Not like Phil Collins's awesome voice. I mean his voice makes for half the greatness of the song.
I can stand bad music.
But I mean... Common. Don't mess up with my classics, unless you clearly know what you're doing.
There are covers I like.
Not much, but there are.
But this one...