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2009-03-08 18:01:32 by Proottalfain

So today is the official day of the feminazis, and I am confused to see no thread about the so-called "feminists" in the BBS. There were 3 pages of articles about it in my newspaper this morning.

You may leave all of your sexist rage here:


2009-03-07 22:59:22 by Proottalfain


How I wish
How I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found
The same old fears
Wish you were here


2009-02-22 22:29:43 by Proottalfain

For my 18th birthday, my mother decided that I will only have access to my (own) computer 30 minutes per weekday and 2 hours per weekend day.

So you guys will either:
see me less
see me earlier (computers at school) ---> I can't consider this option, the computers are too busy to go to forums. I do like to read/reply to my PMs though.

Update 02/26/09:
I had a discussion with my mother, and we agreed on loosened restrictions. She saw I wouldn't respect her restrictions (I never agreed to them), so now instead of an amount of time per day, it's a fix schedule during which I'm allowed to go. So I'm leaving this blog article for archiving.


2009-02-21 15:29:23 by Proottalfain

February 22nd is my birthday. If you're going to wish me a happy birthday, say it in a different way than people already did.

Formulations so far:
-Happy birthday
-Happy- Wait what's the drinking age there?
-Happy Birthday, you silly willy.
-yadhtriB yppaH
-And Happy B-Day.
-A very merry unbirthday to you!
-Feliz cumpleanos a ti.

Also, cocks.

Practising English

2009-02-07 17:11:54 by Proottalfain

As some people might already know, I'll be going to the Montreal meet next June.
As some people might also already know, English is not my native language.

Now, Newgrounds has helped my written English comprehension/production a lot. But Newgrounds hasn't helped my spoken English, and I think it needs improvement, mostly for the meet. I don't want to end up drunk and not be able to speak proper English XD.

So I have a headset and a Skype account. I am usually on the computer during the weekends and in the weekdays evenings (7PM to 10PM GMT-5). So post a comment here (or PM me) if you're interested in talking with me on skype and try to advertise yourself a bit so that I have something to base my choice upon. If I'm interested, I'll PM you with more details.

If you want to investigate me, just read my previous blog posts.

TL;DR: Apply here if you want to talk with me on skype to improve my spoken English.

Also#1: My birthday is on Feb 22th.

Also#2: djbriandamage is officially my valentine. Don't worry though, his wife doesn't care.

Also#3: Here is a picture of my wonderfully sexy hand. I knew you guys would be skeptical that an NG user could have such a nice hand, so I wrote Proott on it. The background is my shower tiling. Weird sparkle flash effect.

Practising English

some emoish post

2009-01-31 01:12:00 by Proottalfain

Look how empty my heart is.

some emoish post

Like/love list

2009-01-14 20:42:49 by Proottalfain

Fucking 7-day mandatory ban for posting in a spam thread. Well see you NG BBS in a week!

Yes I'm going on this bandwagon. But I'm going to do it differently. When I like/love someone, I'll write "O", which stands for output. When another person likes me it'll be "I" for input. If it's both it'll be "I/O". You must comment to this news post to make an "I" appear.

I'll try to keep it in Alphabetical order using Word's awesome sort feature.
EchozAurora _O_ Radiogrounds buddy #1
HalcyonicFalconX _I/O_ She's my wife. Grey_Shado married us
lawlmaster _I/O_ Fuck prep 8, I wanna marry him in California!
paradox9 _I_ don't know him yet XD
Sensationalism _I/O_ <3 ^^
TheSilverGuitar _I/O_ A nice stranger who PMed me one day. He also stalks my userpage.
Shakyjake _O_ I PM-converse with him.
swaenK _O_ Radiogrounds buddy #2
Vincoid _O_
WATCHurFLAG_O_ I like him because he says so.
MrNiceGuytm_O_ My favourite noob.

This is an old news post

2009-01-09 16:30:18 by Proottalfain

Yes it is. It actually was created in January 2009. Without any edit since then.


2008-12-23 23:27:00 by Proottalfain


Yay I got 2^10 posts!