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2008-12-16 20:11:01 by Proottalfain

I'm pretty much depressed at the moment (as stated in my profile description).

I'm not crying every night or anything like that, I just feel like an empty battery. No one died in my surroundings lately, I didn't break up with anyone lately, I'm not being molested at school and no girl broke my heart lately, but something's missing. I got good friends, succeed pretty well at school (except in chemistry) and I know what I wanna make my studies in (I'm currently in sciences but am switching to IT next september). The missing thing isn't something I used to have and lost, neither is it something I always missed.

I've never had it and though I wanted it, I have never been really affected by the lack of it.

Guess what it is and I'll post something else (you'd better PM me as well as commenting to this post since I might not take a look at my profile)

[Edit:] Oh yeah if you've seen the picture of me on my first post I must tell you I now have a pony tail.

Nocturnal web surfing

2008-03-16 00:45:58 by Proottalfain

We probably all have been doing that.
It's starting to be late,
you are beginning to get tired, but you continue surfing the web.
You just continue,
not because it's very fun, only because you don't ask yourself the question.
You see the time:
At some point you think "I should go to bed", but you don't answer yourself, and continue.
If it is currently the case, or you already have experienced this, comment here. Say how you feel, what you think, etc.

About me

2008-01-11 20:40:19 by Proottalfain

Proottalfain, the Newgrounder
Some of you might have noticed I've been present recently on the BBS, and you might wonder who is this guy I am. So here's a post about me. I'm not too new to NG, I signed in 2006 but have been here for maybe one or two years before signing up. But posting on the BBS is kind of new to me. I've went on the IRC chat a few times, and now I'm beginning to "play" with flash, I'm more interested in NG, so I post on the BBS.

Proottalfain, the username
My username comes from two usernames I've had: Proott and Alfain. Proott comes from my Biology class in secondary 3 (when I was 14-15 years old). It was the sound I said cells make when they expell their "shit". And Alfain comes from when I played Dungeons and Dragons with my friends in secondary 1-2 (12 to 13 years old). It was my half-elf's first name. You might have seen me with this username in Runescape, Diablo 2 and maybe another site I don't remember.

Proottalfain, the human being
My real name is Nicolas Ménard. Don't mistake me with another NG user called Totsugeki which has the same name. This name is french (kind of obvious). Yes, I'm native french-speaker, I live in the french province of Canada, Québec. You may correct me if I do any English mistake on the BBS or anywhere. Of course I'm talking about mistakes native english-speakers wouldn't do, not slang like "cause". Bands I like: Disturbed, Godsmack, Pink floyd, Korn, Manowar. I'm a nerd, like most of us here on NG, but I'm not a serious guy always paying attention to the teacher and never disturbing. Games I play: Actually my computer is too slow to play any 3d games, I'm planning on changing it. Seriously, my computer makes GTA: VC lag. I'll get Oblivion and Guild wars when my computer will be changed. Books I read: the ones I must read in my French and English classes. Sexual preferences: female (though I like to make gay/pedo jokes with my friends). My friends and me like to worship Thor every Thorsday (that mistake was made by purpose) and we created a club called "Le club Lions". This club already existed but we don't care.

Proottalfain, the .jpeg
That's me in my physics class, today. I didn't cut useless parts of the photo around me to show my school. (I kinda look terrified)

About me